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IP Litigation

IP Litigation

Edmar Amaya founder of Edam Law PLLC
At Edam Law, our mission is to ensure that our clients get the best representation possible in the United States legal system. Our practice focuses on patents, trademarks, and intellectual property litigation. Since 2009, we have successfully helped hundreds of clients register and protect their intellectual property. Lead attorney, Edmar M. Amaya ESQ LL.M. is a former engineer, who holds seven patents in materials for microelectronics. He is a member of the U.S. Federal Circuit, the U.S. Patent Bar, the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals, and the Southern District Court of Florida. Our attorneys practice in state and federal courts in Florida.
We assist companies in revising and defending their licensing and franchising agreements. Above all, we ensure that clients receive the best representation possible under the United States legal system, helping them defend their good name, intellectual property, or other assets related to their brand.



What are Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs)?

Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs) are legal forms of protection for IP that fall into four main categories: patent, copyright, trademark, and trade secret rights. They are a legal form of protection that give you the ability to stop others from making, using, or selling your creation.   Sz


How do I begin?

The best way to begin your case is to call our office to set up a consultation at (305)800-4529 or e-mail info@edamlaw.com


How do I find out if my invention is already “taken” by someone else?

By hiring an Intellectual Property attorney! To find out if there are prior IRPs, we conduct a thorough search using a variety of research tools, databases, and patent repositories.


What are copyrights?

Copyrights are a legal right that grant the creator of an original work exclusive rights to determine whether, and under what conditions, the original work may be used by others.


What do patents protect?

Patents protect how products work, what they do, how they do it, what they are made of, and how they are made. The three types of patents that exist are utility, design, and plant patents.


What materials do copyrights protect?

Copyrights protect websites, software, databases, films, art, music, literary works, architectural plans, and other creative works.


Why protecto your work?

Ideas, inventions, or digital property are intangible assets that can add substantial value to a business. Protecting your intellectual property can provide you with a competitive advantage in the marketplace as well as moral and economic rights.


What is intellectual property?

Intellectual property (IP) is a category of property that includes intangible creations of the human intellect. Theeese creative works can be treated as an asset or physical property and can be protected by Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs).

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